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Sartoni Prints was established by Jader Sartoni in Paris in 2004, continuing his family's history as book and print dealers in both Paris and Italy, from early 1920s. Situated near Hôtel Drouot auction house, Jader specialised in old master and decorative prints, maps, drawings - extending to Japanese prints and tribal art . Now based in Brisbane, Sartoni Antique Prints also continues to maintain a presence in Europe.

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LIONEL ARTHUR LINDSAY (Creswick 17-10-1874/Hornsby 22-5-1961) Australian school ”GOAT AND RHODODENDRON" c.1933 WOOD ENGRAVING A profile of a goat in bust, looking toward left between rhododendron flowers. One of Lionel Lindsay's most well-known and sought after wood engravings. This is considered to be one of Lindsay’s most renowned wood engravings for technical execution. Last of Lindsay's goat subjects and most highly stylised. NOTE: Signed in pencil lower left. Numbered 100 lower right (edition of 100). Mendelssohn p.154.
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“HOBART-TOWN” (Île Van Diemen)
LOUIS LE BRETON [after] (Douarnenez 1818 - Paris 1866) French marine painter Title: “HOBART-TOWN” (Île Van Diemen) Era: 1842 Technique: Lithography Description: Superb and detailed view of Hobart with ships anchoring in the Harbour. Taken after nature by Louis Le Breton (1818-1866) during the famous South Pole and Oceania expedition executed by Jules Dumont d'Urville. Superb impression in sepia tones printed on wove paper. In excellent condition, full editorial margins.
REMBRANDT HARMENSZOON VAN RIJN [REMBRANDT] (Leyden 1606-Amsterdam1669) ETCHING & DRYPOINT 1642 A young couple resting beside a stream, the man playing flute with an owl perched on his shoulder, the girl making a flower garland at left. Shepherds do more than their fair share of walking, but their lives also provide ample opportunity for relaxation. It represents an amorous situation and Rembrandt played a transparent game with ancient ambiguities and innuendos surrounding... Fourth state of four, without the face among the branches. Barstch 188, Hollstein Dutch 144, New Hollstein 211.
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Untitled (AUSTRALIA) [North eastern coast of Australia, the southern portion of Tasmania and New Guinea]; VINCENZO CORONELLI
Untitled (AUSTRALIA) 1697 VINCENZO CORONELLI (Venice 1650-1718) COPPER ENGRAVING Coronelli’s rare gore showing the north eastern coast of Australia, the southern portion of Tasmania and New Guinea. One of the three Coronelli’s gores covering up the Australian continent in his massive world globe. Cartography is based on the earlier discoveries made by Tasman and the others Dutch navigators up 1644. From “Libro dei Globi” published in Venice, 1697. Excellent impression printed on strong Venetian laid paper with watermark: “Three Half Moons”; Mounted. In excellent condition.
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From: "Voyage au Pôle Sud et dans l’Oceanie" Atlas zoologique, Oiseaux, plate 24 and 25. 1842 STIPPLE ENGRAVINGS JEAN-CHARLES WERNER (painted by) (Paris 1798-1856) After LOUIS LE BRETON (Douarnenez 1818-1866) Superb and very detailed pair of stipple engravings from Dumont d’Urville's "Voyage au pole Sud et dans l’Oceanie": An exquisite image of a brown Kiwi with two detail sketches of a feather, and his Skeleton depiction with two detail sketches of the crane and beak. Two superb images of New Zealand's national bird. Very attractive contemporary hand colouring. Sold as a pair.
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ALPHONSE LEGROS [attributed to] (Dijon 1837- Watford 1911) French/British artist “PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN” c.1880 TECHNIQUE: Black pencil on thick blue paper. Nicely executed portrait of a unidentified gentleman. Profile bust lightly turning to the left looking towards the viewer. SIZE: 270mm(H) x 200mm(L) [sheet] CONDITION: Black pencil on thick blue paper. Mounted at the corners on a white paper sheet. Two small round spots: one below the portrait and a tiny one at left. Otherwise in excellent condition.
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JACOB DE GHEYN III (Leiden 1596-Utrecht 1644) Dutch School c.1618 Etching “Triton Blowing on a Conch”, produced between 1616 and 1620, is a little printmaking gem from the period of Dutch Mannerism. The wiry, muscular torso of the sea god, half human and half fish, is presented in lost profile. This exotic mythological figure sparked De Gheyn’s creative imagination and inspired him to an Arcimboldo like design. NOTE: Very rare first state of two. I/II, before Hondius excudit [Hh exc.]; Bartsch 18, New Hollstein 19.
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MELB24 Australia Manoscritta
Author: CARLO DOLCI (signed lower right) Title: “AUSTRALIA E SUOI ABITANTI” [Australia and its Inhabitants] c.1890 Ink, pencil & watercolour on paper. Unusual manuscript map of Australia and Oceania executed by an Italian student in a school context. The chart is showing China, Borneo, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. All places and islands accurately named. Australian continent, named “Nuova Olanda”, includes tracking of Leeuwin land, De Witt land, New South Wales and Van Diemen land as well as main Gulfs, Straits and Capes are accurately named.
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