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Sebra Prints opened in August 2003 out of a passion for antique prints, and a desire to offer good quality, original prints, across a wide range of topics.

We specialize in antique engravings and lithographs from 17th,18th and 19th centuries as well as some early 20th century works. We cover a huge range of styles, artists and subject matter.

Sebra Prints is owned by Dafydd Davies has over 20 years experience dealing with antique prints, both in Australia and in London.

The name Sebra comes from an admiration for the mezzotint engraving of a zebra after George Stubbs which is titled 'Sebra'.


Australasian Federal Referendum [Victoria]
Colour lithograph certificate. 1899. 500mm by 650mm (frame). Text includes “This is to certify that the question of an Australasian Federal Constitution was submitted to the Electors of Victoria on the 27th day of July 1899 and that out of a poll of 163,780 votes, 152,653 were cast in favor of such Australasian Federal Constitution...” The certificate features captioned portraits of the Premiers of the six colonies. Between 1898 and 1900 the people of Australia voted on the Constitution in referendums held in each colony. Period oak frame.
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BHP, Broken Hill, stereoview by Jenkinson
Stereoview photograph, circa 1890. 86mm by 178mm (card). Buff card. Printed reverse with photographer's details. Jenkinson was active in Broken Hill from 1885, according to his advertisement in 'The History of Broken Hill' by Samuel Curtis (1908); Davies and Stanbury (1985) have him there from 1889. Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (now BHP Billiton) has gone on to become the largest mining company in the world. CONDITION : A few small marks and light soiling.
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