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Rare collector’s books of international interest from 1850 - 1950. We buy and sell. Fine condition paramount.

We specialise in art books, architecture and design books, gift books, photo books and children’s books. Our stock is selected from around the world and includes limited editions, original photographs, drawings, watercolours, paintings, and ephemera. At Rare Illustrated Books, we see books as beautiful, tactile objects, as wondrous amalgamations of art & design. Our philosophy is focused on promoting the book as a work of art.

Founded in 2001, Rare Illustrated Books has grown to become one of the best-known specialist dealers in the Southern Hemisphere. We enjoy close working relationships with our clients, private collectors, libraries and institutions, and relish the opportunity to find books, expand libraries, and offer guidance in relation to restoration, conservation and insurance. Rare Illustrated Books is a Sydney based firm.