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Prologue to Genesis with an Ouroboros in the illuminated initial. Paris, c.1250.
The initial ‘D’ is formed from an “ouroboros” - a circular symbol that depicts a snake or dragon devouring its own tail, representing the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. A bar border of Illuminations extends from the initial to the top of the page. Condition: This 770 year old leaf is very good/excellent condition. The script shows no ink loss and the illuminations retain vibrant colours. There is slight darkening of the vellum and a dozen of so small worm holes.
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Holinshed’s Chronicle leaf, 1577. The History of Scotland.
One of Shakespeare’s primary history sources. Woodcut illustrations of William the Conqueror's soldiers ransacking a village and Gentlemen submitting to King Malcolm's pleasure. Holinshed was Shakespeare's favourite and most trusted source and he used it for more than a third of his plays, including Macbeth, King Lear, Cymbeline and the English history plays such as Richard III. Condition: At best, fair antiquarian condition, but despite faults, the main body of text is complete and legible and the woodcuts are sharply printed.
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"By the Rivers of Babylon..." Illuminated Breviary leaf, c.1480, France.
The leaf includes the entire psalm136 and one line of liturgical chant music. Despite its appearance, this leaf is almost certainly from a Breviary, not a Book of Hours. The beloved Psalm 136 (KJV 137) "By the rivers of Babylon" is part of the liturgy for Sunday in the 5th week of Easter. Neither the psalm nor the antiphon that follows it on this leaf appear in the usual Uses of Books of Hours. Excellent condition.
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